Monday, December 28, 2015

MERRY (late) CHRISTMAS!!! and a happy new year to come! I've been hearing it was a Christmas lacking snow in the U.S. but I hope it was good for you guys anyways!​

This week was pretty great for a few reasons. I got to skype with the fam on Christmas, which was super good! It's nice to see that even though things are changing at home, everyone in my family is still the same person haha! It was good to talk to everyone and it made my Christmas.

The work here is going pretty well! We have been teaching a couple who are real truth-seekers and have been putting a lot of our focus on them. Their names are Alison and Aline if you guys would to pray for them! They are very well educated so it's been a lot of long discussions with them so far. But even with them being well-off, they are humble and are willing to try.

I realized this week I haven't updated you guys on Helberth or Karen for a while! Helberth is the bomb. He has been passing sacrament and is reading the Book of Mormon like a boss. Karen is coming along really well too. She has been doing a lot for personal progress and gave the lesson in Young Women's a couple weeks ago!! I love meeting with them and helping them strengthen their testimonies!

I love you guys! I hope New Years is good for everyone this week!!

Elder Searle
Elder Hatch and Elder Searle with a family who is moving soon

The Branch president gave them a box full of food for Christmas :)

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