Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Years!!

There was some crazy stuff that happened this week! New years was good. I kind of slept through it, but it's cool we are in 2016 now!

The day before New Years we had a man named William approach us on the street. He proceeded to explain to us his life story, in english, which was very interesting. I don't know if he follows a religion or not, but he tried to convince us that he was a prophet haha! He told us many stories, but my favorite one was when he controlled a dragonfly with his mind and was able to ask the drangonfly his name. His name was Edson in case you were wondering. He also apparently made many earthquakes happen. Unfortunately he wasn't very interested in our message, but he was a very interesting guy. I'm thankful to know who the true prophet is haha! We got the General Conference talks recently and it's been really good to study the talks of the prophets and apostles.

Our investigators are doing well! I feel a lot of responsibility on my shoulders because the Lord has given us people who have so much potential. We taught a family on New Years that went super well. They are very humble even though they are pretty well off. The dad cried at the end of the message when he was talking about his family and I really hope we can help them enjoy the blessings of the gospel! Alison and Aline are also coming along one step at a time. It was hard this week with everyone traveling, but we were able to find success and I learned a lot.

I have been studying the New Testament and I'm working through the Book of Mormon again. It's crazy how every time I read a scripture I have a different insight than I did the last time I read it! I love the scriptures.

Elder Hatch is still teaching me a lot and I'm enjoying it here with him! We truly have to trust in the Lord every day because otherwise we would be very lost. He always has the spirit with him and is really good with knowing what to say and when to say it. 

Thanks for all the support and love! Next week is transfers so there's a chance I won't get to email, but only a slight chance!

Elder Searle
Elder Searle and Elder Hatch 

Elder Searle and Helberth

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