Monday, December 7, 2015

Oi gente!

Alright I'm gonna keep this short so I can send some pictures. Basically this week I flew to BH and got my new companion! His name is Elder Hatch and he is from upstate New York! He has 3 months left of his mission so he is very fluent in the language and very experienced. I've already been learning a ton from him! He is the District Leader here in the city so that means we will get to do some traveling during this transfer together for interviews and exchanges! It should be good.

We have been teaching a lot and working hard! Saturday night I felt like we should invite the family who lives under our house to church so we did, and on Sunday three of them came!! It was really cool to have that prompting be comfirmed. We taught them last night and they were pretty receptive.

Gonna answer a couple questions from the fam-

My favorite food here so far has been Açai. What they do here with the fruit is make a kind of ice cream with it that is to die for. They also use a type of condensed milk on literally all deserts here that is really good. We don't really have an equivilent to it in the states. The churros here are really good too. And I also really like pão de queijo, which literally translates to cheese bread. It's like a roll with a lot of brazillian cheese inside. é bom demais.

The language is becoming more and more comfortable! People understand me just fine and I'm understanding people for the most part. What I'm trying to work on now is how I say things because that makes a big difference on how the tone of your words are percieved.

Also I'm just starting to realize how strange looking we are to the people here. There are only 3 Americans in this whole city and they are all missionaries haha! Yesterday on more than one occasion there were people who were very surprised to see people with blue eyes.

Overall I'm doing good! I have been learning to stop comparing myself to others and just work like I know the Lord expects me to. And it's really nice to have a companion who does the same.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season!! Check out the video on if you haven't yet and share it with the people you know!

Love you guys,

Elder Searle
103575 steps

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