Monday, December 21, 2015


This was quite the week. It started out with the Christmas Conference which was super super fun! It was also the week of Elder Hatch's and my birthday! I took a lot of pictures so I'll try to send some! 

During the conference President talked about Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ. I thought I knew a lot about both of them, but I left the conference feeling blown away! He told us a lot of cool stories from Joseph's life that showed how prophetic his calling was. Essentially, Smith restored the Atonement of Jesus Christ because without the authority to perform saving ordinances, no one was able to enjoy the full blessings of the repentance during the great apostasy. My testimony of Christ grew as he talked about the Atonement as well. It was a really spiritually uplifting conference!

It was also really really good to get mail and finally have peanut butter to eat for the first time in forever haha! I have been very much enjoying eating pb and j's once again.

My birthday was good! Elder Lima made us a cake and we traded ties!! Plus I got super cool gifts. Shout out to the fam for sending a frisbee haha! I was so happy to have your kind words and mail that day.

The work is moving along in Montes Claros! We have been trying to reactivate and find new investigators through the members here. Yesterday we beat our record at church again with 108! It was pretty exciting. A lot of the members here love the missionaries so it's good to have that support. Yesterday we had a family home evening with some recent converts who are working to be sealed in the temple! They have almost been members for a year so they should have their opportunity soon. It was a really special night for me because I could feel the spirit and could see the Lord blessing the work here. That's one thing that President has really been focusing on is getting members to the temple. If only we had a temple close to here.

Also the Lord has been blessing us immensely with better weather. The past two days haven't been super hot and it has helped me to think more clearly and work harder!

Well I'll send some pictures now! I'm super excited to skype and also to be a missionary for another week! This is probably the hardest thing I've ever done, but I'm sure it's blessing me and my family more than I even know. I love you guys!!

Elder Searle
112887 steps

All the Christmas packages for the Missionaries

Eating a gummy plane while riding on a plane :)

Elder Hatch and Elder Searle

Elder Hatch and Elder Searle

Elder Searle and Elder Fernandes

Elder Searle and Elder Hatch celebrating their birthdays

Elder Searle and Elder Knudson

Elder Searle and Elder Stocks

Elder Searle and his birthday and Christmas packages!

Elder Silfies and Elder Searle

It's Santa!

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