Monday, December 14, 2015

Bom dia gente!

This week was really good! We did an exchange withe some Elders in our District on Wednesday. I stayed in our area and worked with an Elder who has only been in the field a week! It was intimidating to be the one calling all the shots for the day, but it helped me gain a lot of confidence because it was actually a super successful day!

I was also able to finish the Book of Mormon in Portuguese this week!! I have been reading like a machine these past months and I'm glad I was able to make my goal of finishing before my birthday. I'm able to understand the scriptures and people very clearly now. It's the speaking that still needs work. People understand me just fine, I'm just not able to express myself in the way I would like sometimes. 

But the Lord has helped me so much with this language. He has put just the right people and situations in my path to help me learn and improve.

Tomorrow is our Christmas Conference! We will fly out really early and fly back really late. I'm super excited to get mail and spend the day with a ton of missionaries!! Also, it will be Elder Hatch's birthday! It's cool we will get to celebrate our birthdays together this week.

Speaking of which, thank you for all the birthday wishes!! I love you and really appreciate all the support you guys give!

We taught a lot this week and I felt the spirit a lot! It's surprisingly really hard to get people to come to church during this season though. At least in Montes Claros, many people travel or go out partying over the weekend. 

But Elder Hatch and I are happy and working hard! He is a very good missionary and I'm grateful to have him as a companion. Many times this week people have come up to us and asked if we are brothers. We tell them yes, in the faith!

Shout out to my dad who will turn 32 this week! if you're reading this, then on Friday make sure to congratulate him!

I love you guys! You're in my thoughts and prayers. Study the scriptures, say your prayers, and remember that Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for you. Have a good week!

Elder Searle
117780 Steps

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