Monday, May 29, 2017

Well, it was a wonderful week. Genivaldo was baptized and confirmed. He and Uilquer started the course for them to recieve the Melchezedik Priesthood and are super exctied to serve! And Uilquer is already serving as he was the one to baptize Genivaldo! ​I get so excited seeing them progress so well.

Genivaldo was truly prepared by the Lord. We met him the day of Uilquer and Daniele's baptism. He is Daniele's brother. He gladly accepted to come and see their confirmation the next day and since then he progressed super well. I don't think I have ever seen any hesitation to assume and keep commitments. He is learning a lot and is trying to help his family come to know the truth as well. His mother came to the baptism and that was great!

Last Sunday this lady came to church and no one knew who she was, including us! Turns out, a bishop from another ward had told her to visit the church and she did! Her name is Fernanda. Now she and her son (Diogo) are beiong taught by us and progressing really well. She even brought the snacks for Genivaldo's baptism and said the first prayer! The craziest thing is that on the same exact Sunday that she went to church for the first time, her boyfriend who lives in another state went as well! She recieved an answer to her prayers during this week and knows that the Book of Mormon is true. I'm super excited for them!!

We did some exchanges this week as well plus had a mission leadership council on Tuesday! I found out that day that it would be my last mission council because my visa is not able to be renewed, making it impossible for me to stay another transfer. I have mixed feelings, but I'm sure the Lord has it all planned out!

This week we will have a couple of Zone Conferences and exchanges! It should be great. I am really enjoying my time here in Paraíso with my new companion! We are getting along really well. I love you guys!

Elder Searle

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