Monday, May 15, 2017


This week was amazing. It may have been the best week of my mission thus far. I feel so grateful for everything that the Lord is doing for us here. It was the last week for my companion and we worked super hard to make it the best week ever.

Uilquer and Daniele were baptized! Their story is great. When we found them they were searching for a church to attend. Daniele was even praying to be baptized. And in these amazing circumstances the Lord led us to them! It has eben amazing to teach them and help them prepare for baptism. During the process, Daniele had a dream where she was being baptized at church! And they also recieved an answer to their prayers concerning the Book of Mormon. Their baptism was a really spiritual experience for me. Their cousin, who gave us their referal, realized the baptism. Daniele's brother came to church to see the confirmation. We taught him last night and he accepted to prepare for baptism as well!! I believe that much of Daniele's family has a great potential to join the church actually.

We did a couple of exchanges this week as well. They were great! And I know who my new companion will be! His name is Elder Bellum and he's from Colorado! I'm really excited to work with him. He's a great missionary and we will learn a lot together.

Tomorrow will be transfer madness. Here we go!

Love you guys! Have a great week.

Elder Searle

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