Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Happy 10/10 everyone! Finally the U.S. and Brazil can agree on this day. (because in Brazil, the day comes before the month in writing the date)

Well this week was pretty great! It rained 4 times, which is pretty miraculous considering that last year it didn't rain in the month of October at all.

This week we found some good investigators. Eric is the brother of a member and he is progressing pretty well. He likes the church and is reading the Book of Mormon. We just need to help understand the importance of baptism a little more. He has a pretty complicated life, but it looks like he's willing to make some changes in order to keep the commandments.

We are also teaching this woman named Deborah who came to church yesterday for the third time! I was almost sure that she wouldn't come because the church she usually goes to is at the same time, but she accepted our challenge and made the sacrifice! She is really involved in the other church though, so we are helping her with a few doctrinal points still.

Yesterday some special things happened. A return missionary who served here 2 years ago came back to visit! He is from Utah, but has been living in São Paulo to study. He knew my first and second companion from when he was on his mission!! Also, Erica received the calling to be the Relief Society Secretary and will also give a talk in a couple of weeks! It's good to see the recent converts continue to progress.

This week we will go to Montes Claros on Friday for interviews with our Mission President, and then go there again on Sunday for our District Conference. It will be a lot of traveling by bus, but it should be good! I love you guys!!

Elder Searle

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