Monday, June 6, 2016

Good day everyone!

This week started pretty crazy because we went to do an exchange in Betim. It was a lot of fun! I worked with Elder Walburger who is finishing up his mission. We were able to teach some really cool people. Betim is a city like Divinópolis only that it's a little bit bigger. I will send a picture of us 4.

This week was a good one. We have been teaching a man named Thiago for a couple weeks now and he is really progressing. He is a friend of a member. They both work in this Japanese restaurant. Thiago is probably the most intelligent investigator I have yet to teach. He understands the gospel really well and it seems like he memorizes everything we tell him. He was able to make it to church along with Elivando and Évellin yesterday. And all three of them did their first fast yesterday!!! It was super cool to have investigators live the law of the fast. Elivando was finally able to give up coffee as well. He went for 9 days straight with his head hurting and then when we started the fast the pain went away. It was a miracle.

We also practiced in our new member choir yesterday again. It went really well and I think it's really helping the new members feel important. We will sing in two weeks in sacrament meeting.

Wellington bore his testimony for the first time yesterday. That made me happy. Other than that the week was pretty normal. Normal meaning walking all over the place and talking to lots of people. The work here is going well and I'm happy to be here!!

Tomorrow we will get up at 3am and take a bus to Belo Horizonte for a Zone(s) Conference. It's three zones all together so it should be quite the experience. 

I hope this week is good for you guys! I love you!

Elder Searle

Exchanges with Elder Santos, Elder Dedeco, Elder Searle and Elder Walburger
Dinner while on exchanges

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