Monday, June 27, 2016

Greetings from Janaúba!

Yesterday I was sitting in Elders Quorum and some dude leaned over and whispered in my ear, "this place has a lot of rednecks. It's like a brazillian georgia." I was surprised by two things. One, he spoke english. Two, he said exactly what I was thinking this week! Janaúba is very different from anywhere I've ever been before. It is the smallest city that has the church in our mission, it's very farmy, and I love it.

My new companion is Elder Soares. This is his fourth transfer on the mission and he is from Porto Alegre. He is awesome! Thankfully he has been in Janaúba for a while so he knows his way around. We had a great week together. We are teaching some cool people. There are two young men who came to church the Sunday before I got here and we taught them a lot this week. They came to church again for the third time yesterday! They are both named Daniel.

The District here is awesome! We all live in the same house and go to the same branch. The Branch here is really trying to become a Ward. The Branch President moved from São Paulo 6 months ago and is really doing a good job here. I'm excited to be working here! Elder Marques and Elder Malaquias (which is Malachi in english) are the other elders in our District! Everyone is brazillian except for me. They are all really great guys! Thankfully they are all clean and hardworking.

On Saturday the Branch had a super awesome activity! I will send a video of it. We were able to bring quite a few investigators and there were a lot of less-actives that came as well. The Branch meets in a rented out house and the activity was held behind the house. I hope I will be able to get the video I took to you guys through email. Actually, it looks like it's not going to let me send it. But just know that it was a pretty awesome activity and they did a square dance kind of thing that was really funny!

Well I hope I remembered everything. I will try to send more pictures next week and if you have any questions about the new situation let me know! I love you guys lots!!

Elder Searle

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