Monday, June 20, 2016

​I have lots of news!

The week was great! We committed 3 people to be baptized on July 2nd! Luis Otávio, who is Elivando's son, and also Katiúscia and Bruno. Katiúscia is Évellin's sister. They all came to church and it was great! Bruno and Katiúscia have a little daughter who is autistic and it was a miracle because she was so calm during the meetings at church! katiúscia also had a dream after she read the Book of Mormon for the first time this week. She dreamt that she was in a classroom with lots of people sitting down and when the missionaries entered the room we asked if the book was true and everyone responded, "yes!" She is progressing really well and so is Luis Otávio. Elivando received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday so he will probably be the one who baptizes him!!

Well yesterday was a super awesome day. We had the presentation of the new members choir in Sacrament Meeting and that went super well! Bruna gave a talk as well and it was so good! And I was called to bear my testimony during the meeting because our Bishop felt like I was going to be transferred. And I was!

The assistants called me last night and told me that I would be going to BH today to renew my visa. And they also told me I would be staying here until tomorrow morning when I would go to my new area! I will be working in a city called Janauba!! I'm super excited. But I'm also kind of nervous. Janauba is a branch with 50 members and is the northernmost area of our mission. President emailed me that my primary responsibility there is going to be help the branch qualify to be a ward! I will serve as a District Leader in Janauba as well.

So I was pretty sad to have to leave Divinópolis, especially because I didn't have the chance to say good bye to a lot of people. Thankfully I got to say good bye to the people I was most close to because they met us outside of our apartment at 6AM before we came to BH! Also I had to pack my bags at lightning speed and didn't get a ton of sleep. But I'm good because today has been exciting so far. I got to see Elder Silfies because we renewed our visas together this morning. We also played ultimate frisbee at the chapel here, which is a massive chapel. Tonight we will do an exchange with the secretaries and tomorrow morning I catch a plane for Montes Claros, and then I take a bus to Janauba.

My new companion is Brazilian and his name is Elder Soares! This is his 3rd transfer on the mission. I will meet him when I get to Janauba tomorrow. I know it's going to be a difficult area because of the reputation it has, but I'm fixed to change that reputation and I'm super excited to head up north again! I will be sure to tell you all about my new area and district next week!
I will send some pictures. I love you guys!! Thanks for all the support and prayers.

Elder Searle
District Foto em Divinópolis

New members choir

Saying Goodbye this morning in Divinopolis

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