Monday, March 21, 2016

Querida família e amigos,

This one was a special week for me. It's crazy how satisfying missionary work can be at times! Denise entered the waters of baptism this Saturday and it was so wonderful. She is such an awesome person and it has been a blast teaching and working with her!

Denise is Bruna's sister. It's pretty cool how her story began. We actually taught Bruna's mom first in a family night and Wellington and Bruna's house. She brought the Book of Mormon home and set it on the counter. That night, Denise took the book, put it in her purse, and that week she read all the way to the Book of Jacob. She told us that she doesn't even know what made her pick up the book since she doesn't even like to read. It's amazing how the Lord works. From that point forward, she just ate up the gospel and became very excited to be baptized!

At the baptism meeting Wellington and Bruna both bore testimony for the first time. That was probably my favorite part other than the baptism itself. They both cried their eyes out and Wellington talked about how he hopes his family will accept the gospel one day like Bruna's family is. The actual baptism was super spiritual. When she came out of the water it seemed to me like she grew a little taller and she was so happy!

We are working with the rest of the family too. Hopefully they will feel the desire to follow her example soon. We also found a young man named Kelvin this week. He really wants to learn English and is interested in the church. He wants to spend the whole day with us every day to speak English with me haha! He is a great kid.

This week I was also able to finish reading the book "Our Heritage." I've been reading it at night time for the past couple weeks. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good read!! I learned a lot about the history of the church and prophets.

I hope Easter is good for everyone this week! I know Christ lives. He completed His mission and because of him, we can complete ours.

Elder Searle

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