Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Happy almost Easter!

This was a really good week. I have a lot to write about so I may end up saying less about each thing.

Julio and Nathanael were baptized on Friday! It was a really spiritually uplifting meeting. Julio is super excited and came to church on Sunday in a white shirt and tie for the first time! Nathanael is also super happy. They are amazing young men and I love them! Their dad and many of their relatives made it to the baptism. A few sisters from the Relief Society also felt the presence of their mother during the meeting, who was a member but has already passed away.

Also, on Saturday morning the Sisters from the first ward baptizes Aline! She is a friend of one of our converts but lives in the other area. We taught her in the beginning so it was a special event for us too. It was a little humorous because they had to do the ordinance 4 times becuase her foot kept coming out of the water.

Denise is progressing really well still and she is excited to be baptized soon! She is just a little frustrated that her parents aren't embracing the gospel at the same speed as her. Here, the people in general have a problem with saying the Lord's name in vain. Not as in using His name for bad things, but as in they use his name in like every greeting and goodbye. It has been funny because since the day we taught Denise about taking the Lord's name in vain she has been freaking out every time she forgets haha.

Yesterday was out Mission Tour. Elder Zwick from the first quorum of the seventy addressed us! It was a really good conference. His Portuguese is a little shaky, but he is still such a powerful guy. When he testified of the Savior I felt the spirit really strongly. I know he has a special witness of Him.

I also successfully made Peanut Butter last Pday in the blender. It may have been the biggest culinary success of my life.

Have a good week guys! Remember to study the scriptures and say your prayers and go to church.

Elder Searle

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