Monday, March 7, 2016

Good morning!

It's been another good week here. Our surprise for Wellington on his birthday went really well! He didn't expect a thing. In the middle of the English class his family got to the chapel and stormed in with cake and dinner. He and Bruna are so perfect. We ate Saturday lunch at the house of Bruna's parents and ate Sunday lunch at the house of Wellington's sister! Their families are cool. 

As of now, it looks like Bruna's sister is going to be baptized soon. We gave her a Book of Mormon last Sunday and in less than a week she has read all the way to Jacob!! I actually had a hard time believing her when she told me that. Her name is Denise.

Something really miraculous happened this week too. There's a young woman in our ward named Keity who has been dragging her boyfriend, Julio, to church for almost 6 months. Since the day I arrived here he has been very closed towards us and the thought of baptism. But this last Pday, we did a family night with all of them that went super well! I asked him in the middle of the lesson what he would ask Christ if he were here right now. He said he would ask if the book was true. From that point, we helped him understand that what the missionaries have been asking him to do all along could answer that question for him. He read and prayed that night and the next day he was firm in his decision to be baptized!! His brother is also wanting the same thing and they are progressing really well now. Julio is 17 and his brother Nathanael is 12, but President said baptizing them wouldn't be a problem since they have been coming to church for so long! Their mother passed away a long time ago, but she was a member of the church. I'm excited for them!!

Rangel's mom, Raimunda is still struggling with smoking. She is smoking a lot less now though so that's good. Keep her in your prayers please!

This week I have been studying King Benjamin's speech. It's crazy how much the things he teaches apply to missionary work! I am better able to understand service and the atonement than I was before.

Next week my Pday will be on Tuesday because we have mission tour on Monday. Elder Zwick from the 70 will address us. It should be great!

I love you guys! Until next week.

Elder Searle

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