Monday, January 25, 2016

Dear family and friends,

This week was very busy and very good! On Saturday, Anderson was baptized!! It has been so cool to work with him the past two weeks. He owns a snack shop right by our house and has a good friend who's a member of the church (Hamilton). 

Anderson is a really cool dude. He is humble and very smart. He has been coming to church for around 2 months and has made some drastic changes in his life. He was an alcoholic and his marriage almost fell apart, but it was all made right through the gospel! He gave up drinking, and he still has his wife and his daughter! 

Hopefully his family will follow his example and decide to be baptized too! They aren't really open to being taught right now, but I think with time they will open up! Especially as they see Anderson grown in the gospel. He is for sure going to be a leader in the church some day.

The work continues to move on and I'm excited to continue serving! We dropped a lot of our investigators this week, but hopefully with a fresh start we will be able to lay the groundwork for a lot of success.

I'm still getting used to the differences in the work here. It's a little difficult to get around in our area because it's pretty far from the chapel. Also, there are no Americans in my district besides me so basically I haven't spoken English for 2 weeks straight and I'm starting to think and dream in Portuguese.

Thank you for the support guys!

Elder Searle

Rosi, Tamíres, Anderson, Hamilton, Elder Otávio, Elder Searle

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