Monday, January 11, 2016

(I missed posting this on January 11th)

I have some exciting news! The assistants called yesterday to tell me I'm being transfered! They have also completely changed how they do transfers so I will fly with Elder Lima (who just finished his mission) to BH tomorrow morning and head straight to my new area! I will be serving in Divinópolis 2nd ward with Elder Otávio! 

I know nothing about my him or my new area other than it's one of the southernmost areas on the mission. So it will be really nice to get away from the heat of Montes Claros. I found it kind of funny that I went from one of the most northern aresas to one of the most southern. I will make sure to let you know all about my new companion and the situation next week!

I will miss Montes Claros and Elder Hatch though. This week was a pretty good week for us. I hope the work we did brings him and his new companion many fruits in his final transfer. Alison and Aline are still moving along, and we found an amazing family this week! Farley Pleiquianne and their 8-year-old son Kerlon were able to come to church and have been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon! They are really nice and I wish I could watch them progress.

I had a lot of growing experiences here and I'm very thankful for all the help that the Lord has given me. He has guided me, strengthened me, and taught me a ton during my time here. I know God loves me and that Christ understands everything I go through. Also, I'm so thankful for the Spirit and the relationship I am building with him.

My perspective has changed a lot here too. Knowing that there are a lot of people living in poor circumstances is one thing, but knowing them and living with them is another. I'm really impressed and humbled by how little some people have, yet how much they will willingly give. Especially some of the members here. I feel so blessed to have been given so much.

It was also nice to get the ward newsletter this week and see that I'm still considered a youth in the birthday section while Brig got promoted to adult. I guess I have some growing up to do ;)

I love you guys!

Elder Searle

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