Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy (late) Easter!

It was a good Easter week. I especially loved some of the talks in church. Our Stake Patriarch talked about resurrection and it was phenomenal. I would encourage everyone to go to and check out the new videos that the church has put out about peace. Very inspiring.

Earlier in the week we ate lunch with that older lady who told me my face looks like a crying baby. During lunch she said that I look like an angel baby so I guess that's a little better.

We have been focusing on the same famliy who lives in our apartment building and they have progressed well. They are reading the Book of Mormon at a very good pace. We are also teaching a man named Ivan who is progressing well. He has been taught by missionaries for years, but it seems like now is the time for him. He has been pretty humbled during the last month. He lost his job, got really sick, and wants to change his life. These next couple of weeks will be crtical for his eternal progression as he is preparing for baptism now.

The transfer went smoothly. Except for when we got a call at 6AM from a Sister who took a taxi and had no money with her to pay. That was interesting to work out. The new missionaries seem really excited and lots of them are converts to the church!

We did another exchange! I worked with none other than my MTC companion- Elder Silfies!! It was great.

I also found out that 3 investigators in Pampulha that E. Barbosa and I found were baptized this week!! Jonas and Cleide, who were married in order to be baptized, and Ana who is a young woman that lives close byt the church. I will send a picture of them.

Have a wonderful week you guys! Love, 

Elder Searle

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