Monday, February 27, 2017

Craziness went down this week.

Yesterday we were teaching this family when we got a phone call. I hung up quickly to continue with the lesson and then saw that it was our mission president. I just about died! I was expecting to stay here since E. Barbosa has only been here for one transfer with me. When we called him back after the message he informed me that the Lord is calling me to be an assistant to the president.

My new companion will be Elder Higashi and I will be serving in the Paraíso ward. I am so excited!! It should be a wonderful experience. It's very probable that it will be my last area since I have 3 transfers left. I will stick with E. Higashi for his last 2 transfers and then train a new assistant.

Elenice's baptism was on Saturday! E. Barbosa baptized her and I realized the confirmation yesterday. Her story is amazing and I wanted to tell you guys a little more about her. When we began teaching her she wasn't recieving an answer to her prayers very quicklyl Until one day when we finished a lesson I told her about the gospel library app and downloaded it for her on her cell phone. When she saw the angel Moroni icon, she started to cry. She told us of a dream she had a couple of weeks earlier in which a yellow light came into her view in the ofrm of the angel Moroni icon 3 times. She had questioned the meaning of this dream a lot and at that moment recieved the answer she needed. When we explained temples to her I remembered her dream and showed her a picture of the Salt Lake temple telling her to look on top of it. When she saw angel Moroni she started crying again! And when we taught her about temple work for the dead this week she was so amazed by the doctrine. She owns a salon and invited all of her clients to the baptism and some of them went! She is a great example to me.

Oh yeah, and Elenice is such a blessing because today all the barber shops are closed due to the holiday and she is going to cut our hair for us in her salon! And I will be able to visit Fátima and Tayná today as well to say goodbye before I leave. It should be a great day.

Tomorrow we will leave early in the morning to go downtown for transfers. E. Higashi and I will give training for a few hours for the new missionaries and their trainers. And after that, I have no idea what my new schedule will be like. It will be an adventure for sure! I'm excited.

Almost forgot- yesterday E. Barbosa and I talked in church. It went wonderful and it was the first time I wasn't scared at the pulpit. What a tender mercy of the Lord it has been for me to overcome many fears on my mission.

Thanks for all the support. I love you guys!

Elder Searle

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