Monday, January 30, 2017

The theme of this week was this- change.

A lot changed this week. We had a worldwide broadcast for missionaries on Wednesday and there were changes made in schedule and key indicators. Now we have more freedom in choosing when we will study and work and also we have more time on Pday to get our week in order! I'm sure all of the changes will have a positive impact on the work.

Yesterday another change happened. Our ward mission leader became our bishop and im pretty sure our old bishop will become our ward mission leader soon! We had ward conference and it was super great! It was the second week in a row that they had to bless the two sets of water during the sacrament because there were so many people.

Also, Tayná will be baptized this Saturday! And she chose me to do the ordinance! I'm very excited. She is very elect. She understands everything really easily and was already living the commandments that people usually have problems with. Yesterday in Gospel Principles we learned about choices and she said that by being baptized she is making a choice that were give her more freedom and happiness in her life! We are really proud of the progress that she's making.

We also did an un-planned exchange this week. The assistants called us on Tuesday and told us to do an exchange with an area in our zone as soon as possible so we went there on Friday. It was a super great exchange! We were able to help them find 12 new investigators!! Their area is really hilly and we worked in one of the highest places. It was quite a work out for my legs, but it was fun as well.

Oh yeah. I just remembered that Something happened this week that I have to tell you guys. I had my first kiss on the mission. But don't get worried, I can explain. We were on the exchange on Friday and this guy named Fransisco rides up to us on his bicycle. Turns out he was a less-active member. But he tells me that he has a secret to tell that he tells to all the new missionaries. So he motions for me to lean in so he can whisper it into my ear and then grabs my head, gives me a big kiss on the cheek, and starts laughing his head off! It was quite the unusual experience.

I love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Searle

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