Monday, August 29, 2016

Good morning! This week was a good one.

We had our greatest turnout yet at English class last Tuesday! I think in my class there were somehwere around 30 people. I teach the basics of English which is good because everyone is starting from the same level. We make up a hand action for every verb that we learn which makes things fun. I tried to take a selfie with everyone after the class, but some people had already left.
During the week we started teaching Josilaine. Her sister, Gislene, is the Relief Society President. Josilaine is 19 years old and is finally thinking about joining the church. She has known about the church for a long time, but has never wanted to become a part of it. But we left a Liahona with her that talks about temples this week and she loved it! She is now reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if she should join the church. The cool thing is that I have actually known hewr ever since I got to Janaúba and it's great to see how the Lord prepared people to recieve the gospel.

Also, Erica is doing pretty well. She is actually having a ton of opposition. She has a 2 year old son named Daví, and his dad is really opposed to her being baptized. And he is trying to convince her family to disapprove of it as well. But Erica is pretty awesome because even with all of this she is very determined to be baptized and change her life. She is a great example for me.

The Lord blessed us with a new family to teach this week. They came to church yesterday and that was great! We just have to help´them gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon now.

I have been studying 3 Nephi 12-14 this week and decided this morning that I'm going to try and memorize these 3 chapters during the rest of my mission. In my opinion, the Sermon on the Mount is basically the best piece of council that the scriptures contain. There's a lot I need to work on personally in these chapters and I believe that if I memorize and ponder them in my heart every day I will be able to become a better person.

I will send a picture of the district on Sunday morning as well. I love you guys! I hope you have great weeks!

Elder Searle

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