Monday, August 8, 2016

Elder Carvalho is my new companion! He is from São Paulo and is 20 years old! He, his sister, and his mom were all baptized when he was 8 years old. He is a great missionary and it will be good to be working with him here in Janaúba.

Something really miraculous happened this week! Our branch presidente received 9 addresses of people who were members, but had accidentally been taken out of the system of the church for some reason. We went with a brother from the ward to all the addresses and everyone had either moved or passed away, minus the last address, where we found an amazing family. The dad was baptized when he was 12 and fell away from the church shortly afterwards, but was super interested in learning about the church when we visited him! His name is Vanderlei. The cool part is that we have no idea how in the world the church has that address since they moved a long time after falling away from the church and never had contact with anyone since. He has a wife and a four your old child now. We are teaching his family, his brother, and his parents. They will be coming to church this week and I'm really excited to be working with them!!

Everyone here is watching the olympics. The strange thing about Brasil is that you can go to the worst looking house in the city, but you can be sure that the family that lives there has a flat screen TV and loves to watch brasil competing. The olympics have at least been a good conversation starter for us though. 

Other than that, most of this week is going to be consumed with traveling since I will be going to a district leader training in Belo Horizonte. I will go to Montes Claros Wednesday night and catch a flight Thursday morning. I'm excited!

It's amazing to be serving a mission. I get to see the hand of the Lord in my life every day and I know that He is guiding my life. 

I love you guys! Thank you for all the support.

Elder Searle
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126905 (this week)
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