Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy 7/11! (or 11/7 as the Brazilians would say)

This week was extraordinarily great. Wow a whole lot happened. I think the first cool thing that happened is that I started the English Course! 20 people showed up, 6 of which were non-members. One of our investigators named Honorato is an English teacher and I will be going to talk to his students in his class! The fist class went really well. We learned the verbs eat and drink and a bunch of words! We challenged everyone to bring at least one more friend for this week and have been advertising the class still so I hope this week's attendance is even better!

Wednesday we went to Montes Claros and did exchanges with our Zone Leaders! It was super awesome because I was able to see Karen who was baptized with me and Elder Vieira! She had her 18th birthday this week and told me she is preparing to serve a mission next year!!! It looks like she fell away from the church during a month shortly after I left Montes Claros but then came back and is doing really well now! I didn't see Helberth, but hopefully the next time we are in Montes Claros I will get to see him. 

On Thursday night Eliane had her baptismal interview and passed! I also did my first interview with a young man! He was really awesome and has a big testimony. Unfortunately he drank coffee on the day of the interview so we had to postpone his baptism. I will probably interview him again at the end of this week! Eliane's baptism was super spiritual! Elder Soares baptized her and I confirmed her. Her husband, Farley, should be baptized too by the end of this month. He has some things he is still working with but we are helping him out! They have two little boys named Kaio and Gustavo.

Also I just got notified that Elivando was able to baptize his son Luis Otávio in Divinópolis!!! That makes me so happy. I am grateful the missionaries there are taking good care of my old area.

The Lord is truly blessing us here. I am so grateful to be here doing this work. I know that this is the gospel of Christ and that He is guiding me on this journey. I love the Lord and His endless mercy towards me and my weaknesses. Thanks for all the support and prayers guys!! Have a great week!

Elder Searle
​Look what I found in Janaúba!

District Meeting. 

District meeting - we all wore blue ties!

​Eliane's baptism!

​Eliane's baptism!

 ​Elivando baptizing Luis Otávio!

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