Monday, July 18, 2016

Good morning!

This week we traveled once again to Montes Claros to do interviews with President Fernandes. He also took us all out to lunch at a bbq place! I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Jaime was baptized Friday night! We have been working with him since my first week here and it was really great to see him ready and excited to be baptized! His sister, Nane, has been a member for 4 years. His mom has been finally letting him come to church with Nane and he has had a strong desire to be baptized ever since. We had to teach him for a while because he learns a little slower than most people. But he is also super smart in other aspects. For example, he almost has the sacramental prayers memorized and will soon be able to bless the sacrament!

It was also cool to see the Daniels preparing and passing the sacrament this week! This branch is really good and helping new members have a responsibility.

English Class was also really good. We are finding quite a few people from it and the members really like it too! I hope by the end of the course they will have learned quite a bit.

We are working quite a bit with Honorato! He is an awesome guy. This week he came to church for the third time and he is becoming more and more accepting. He already lives the commandments and has a strong desire to follow Christ. He is also really funny! He has a mustache. I will send a picture of us.

Well we have to get going so I will have to cut this one short. I love you guys! I hope this week is really good for everyone!!

Elder Searle​
Honorato and Izael

​Jaime's baptism

​Jaime's baptism

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