Monday, April 18, 2016

Good Morning!

This week was full of stuff. I'll start at the end though. Yesterday, because of miracles and many answers to prayer, Kauan was baptized after church! He was so so happy and a lot of members were able to welcome him into the ward afterwards. It was a logistical mess this week getting him interviewed and setting up the meeting, but it all worked out in the end and everyone was happy. Kauan is an awesome kid. He is a lot smarter than I was at 9 years. He understands the significance and importance of the sacrament- something it took me until my mission to figure out.

Last Monday, we taught Agda, who is basically the only member of her family who is't a member of the church. Her parents and siblings were converted a year ago and help us out a lot. Just recently, Agda separated from her husband and moved back in with her parents. We taught her almost every day this week and even with her mountain of questions about the church she was able to receive an answer to her prayers and will be baptized soon. I'm so excited for her!!

We also found a young man named Thales this week. He is basically the opposite of every other investigator I have ever worked with- he accepted to be baptized in the first lesson, but didn't think that having an answer of the Book of Mormon was necessary before he got into the waters. Thankfully, after the second time he read and prayed he felt the Holy Ghost and received a solid answer. And the next day when we passed by his house he told us that he didn't have credits to call us, but he really wanted us to stop by so he was praying that we would, and two minutes later we showed up at his door! It was a testimony to me that the spirit really is guiding us.

We are still teaching Gabriel with Wellington and Bruna and he is coming along really well. Wellington blessed the sacrament for the first time yesterday!! And he did it with Julio so I felt really proud to have my two converts up there exercising the Priesthood.

I am really grateful to be in an area with a  good ward. When our investigators go to church they feel the spirit and want to come back the next week! Our bishop is one of the most serious guys I have ever met. He finally let us attend executive committee yesterday, which went really well. The members here are still learning their responsibility in the work, but I really can't complain.

Wow, that's a long email. Oh yeah, training is going great! Elder Dedeco is the bomb and I love his strong testimony and his willingness to always do what is right. Have a wonderful week you guys!

Elder Searle
Treats at district conference

Our district

Kauan's baptism day

Kauan and me

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