Monday, September 26, 2016

Happy General Conference week!!

This week was amazing. Zone Conference was a great experience and I learned a lot! And on Saturday Matheus was baptized! He is super excited to finally be able to prepare the sacrament and be a member of the church! His mom came to the baptism and the confirmation! And we started teaching his sister, Eduarda, as well. She is coming a long pretty well.

Some crazy stuff went down yesterday in Janaúba. Prior to this week, the highest attendance the church has ever seen in a sacrament meeting was 120. Yesterday that record was destroyed with an attendance of 180 people! Many people had to stand because of the lack of space in the church. The meeting was super awesome!! Our mission president basically made everyone laugh, cry, and repent all at the same time. Matheus convinced him to do his confirmation as well which was super sweet. I was able to participate in the ordinance and I felt the power of the Priesthood flowing through our hands. Plus, for the first time since I've arrived here, it actually rained yesterday. I think the Lord is really pouring out his blessings upon us here.

I'm excited for General Conference this week! It should be awesome. We are working with quite a few people who are progressing as well. There's this family that we're teaching that is coming along really nicely. They are doing everything we ask them to. The only problem is that they are super involved in another church and have to make the decision to change. But I believe it will all work out since they have a huge testimony about the Book of Mormon and know that the church is true. And I know that they really felt the spirit during Sacrament Meeting yesterday.

Our mission president talked a lot about being obedient for the right reasons and doing things out of good will. I learned a lot and have rededicated myself to the work. I want the world to know that I know this gospel to be true. I know Jesus Christ is my saviour. I know that His church is newly on the earth and that the priesthood authority of God has been restored. I love this work and the joy it brings!

Elder Searle
Matheus Baptism

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