Monday, May 16, 2016

Hey there!
This week was pretty spiritual for me. We had Stake Conference and it was probably the best Stake Conference I have ever attended. We actually watched it through an internet broadcast because our Stake Center is pretty far away. The internet was so bad during the Saturday sessions that no one understood anything. Then on Sunday morning right before the main session started we were having the same exact problem. Our bishop got up and asked for everyone to take a few minutes and pray that the Lord might fix the problem so that we could hear out leaders. Everyone did, and when the restarted things again the broadcast worked perfectly. It was a really cool experience to have our prayers answered so quickly. And then immediately afterwards our bishop stood up again and asked everyone to say a prayer of thanks.

In the conference there was a 70 named Elder Grau who talked, along with our Mission President and his wife. I learned a lot about faith and testimony. Presidente Fernandes talked about when he was a Branch President while serving his mission in Portugal. His wife talked about faith and obedience. Marithissa was able to watch all of it and I think it helped her out a bit. This week was good teaching her. She never prayed before we starting teaching her and it has been amazing just seeing her be able to converse with our Heavenly Father.

Yesterday we actually found an investigator really close to our house! He works with a member of our ward and she gave him a Book of Mormon 3 months ago, but neglected to tell us about giving it to him. He is super receptive and we will be working with him this week! His name is Eder, so he is almost an Elder already!

I set up a teaching visit with our bishop and it was really good. It was actually the first time since I've gotten here that he has taught with the missionaries. He is a super busy guy. But we were able to teach a really nice family. They have come to church quite a bit but are not comfortable with baptism. We set a few goals with them to help them progress in the coming weeks.
The work is going well. I thank you guys for all you do! Have a great week. I love you all.

Elder Searle

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