Monday, November 16, 2015

(Last weeks letter)

Dear Family and Friends,

Good morning! This week seemed to go by really fast. But a lot happened!

Yesterday we had a District Conference which was really good. We got to ride on a bus with our Branch to get there and were able to take Fernando and a new investigator we found this week named Vicente!

Vicente is very cool. He is also very old. Despite his age, he is very active and had no problem walking to the church that isn't very close to his house. He also wakes up at 4AM every day haha! Early in the week saw him sitting outside his house and felt like we should teach him. He lost his wife 30 days ago, so we taught him the plan of salvation. It really resonated with him and I think that the knowledge that he can live with his wife again helped him accept the restored gospel during the week. He has such a humble and open heart. Usually when we teach people they always have excuses, but Vicente literally is willing to try anything we ask him to! I can already see in his eyes that this message is changing him, because he is willing to change.

I also had my first exchange this week! It was really good. I worked in with Elder Lima and I learned a whole lot about teaching and contacting.

This week it didn't rain, so 90% of the time we didn't have water in the house. We have been getting smarter though, and every time there's water we fill up a bunch of buckets to use for showers and cleaning. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to learn from this, but I hope it will start raining here in Montes Claros soon.

So my goal is to finish the Book of Mormon in Portuguese before my birthday! I'm a little past halfway now, and am on a good track to finish before then. Reading is continuing to help me with the language. I've also been trying to have more one on one conversations with people and that's been helping too!

I wish I could remember things better haha! I know a lot more happened this week that I'm forgetting, but oh well. I guess just know that the Lord is guiding the work here and that I know without a doubt that this church is true. Every day the Spirit testifies of that to me. I know that God loves us and wants us to have joy! And even though this life isn't easy, it's more than worth it. I love you guys!

Elder Searle
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