Monday, November 23, 2015

Hello all!

This week will be my very last one in training! I'm excited to have more time for proselyting, but it will be sad to see Elder Vieira go home. Chances are I will stay here because I know the area, but I will travel to Belo Horizonte next Pday to pick up my new companion! We haven't got travel plans yet, but there may not be time to email next week so just a heads up for that! Today we are going to a big mall to get Elder Vieira chique clothes and are going to do a big bbq for him too! It should be fun. He's very excited to be going home and get an IPhone haha!

At the beginning of the week I had my very first experience trying to teach a pastor of one of those yell-really-loud-during-the-meetings churches. Most of the churches in Montes Claros are like that actually. If you walk down the street on a Sunday night there is a lot of yelling haha! But anyways, it was kind of cool because even though he was very unreceptive and a little aggressive, I felt good and even confident teaching!

It rained almost every day this week and it's also been quite a bit cooler which was the biggest blessing ever.

Our investigators this week have been doing pretty good. Many of them made it to church yesterday and really enjoyed it! We had our Primary Program and yes, it's just as hilarious of a meeting here in Brazil. Also, since our Branch President found out that I'm going to study accounting, I have been assigned to keep count of the attendance at church haha! Yesterday we broke 100 people for the first time in history!!
Hopefully I will have some good news in the next email! We are working very close with the investigators we have. They are such amazing people and I wish you could see them and talk to them haha! I think in general I'm going to wait to do big descriptions of them until their big day because all too often something or another gets in the way of their progress. But one really cool spiritual experience I had this week was with Vicente! He's pretty old and has a lot happen to him during his life and he was telling us all these difficult things that happened and kept feeling such a great love for him! I told him that God loves him more than he can imagine and that as missionaries we love him too. And then the craziest thing happened. Vicente, the super tough old man, got emotional and was starting to cry. It was a very spiritual moment for all of us.

Have a great week you guys! I love you!

Elder Searle


Typical Lunch - Yum!!

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