Monday, October 26, 2015

Dear people I know,

This week was a blur! A lot happened, but it all happened so fast, so I probably won't remember everything. It started off very hot. Like VERY hot. From what I was being told, it was around 39 degrees C, which is like 102 F. It was like that for the first few days, but then the clouds came and changed everything. It still hasn't rained yet, but I'm very thankful for clouds to block the sun.

Elder Vieira and I taught a ton of lessons this week and tried really hard to get a bunch of people in sacrament meeting. We ended up with one investigator, Paóla, who made it to sacrament meeting and also came to a baptismal service the night before! She is our focus right now, along with the sister of Karen, who is finally opening up a little bit to the gospel. We found Paóla by trying to locate the house of a reference, and accidentally knocking on her door! I'm convinced it wasn't an accident though. She is 18, shy, and has sincere questions and doubts, which is always nice. 

Karen has been doing personal progress with the young women this week and we gave her a triple combination to study! It's good to see her at the church and Helberth too. Helberth was in a full suit yesterday and was looking super fly.

Yesterday I cried in a lesson for the first time. It was a pretty emotional day. But I cried because I was teaching about families, and while I thought about my family it made me so grateful for the gospel! I know I can be with my family for eternity and that is such a huge blessing in my life!

Well the other news this week is that my pedometer went missing for 2 days, so my step count for those days is a conservative estimate. I also lost my umbrella, which I didn't even use once. Maybe it will show up somewhere though.

Some observations of Montes Claros that I'm just now realizing: Everyone has a mango tree in there backyard, neighborhoods are very different here (our house is literally on top of another person's store/house), and 50% of the shirts young people wear have very incorrect english grammar on them.

I'm gonna end it there since we have a ton to do today! I love you guys. Remember that the church is true and that Heavenly Father is always there. He hears our prayers and loves us perfectly.

Elder Searle

weekly steps: 106526

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