Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dear family and friends,

It was a good week! We're settling into our new house, the work is moving along, and Karen was confirmed yesterday!

The first day in our new house the electricity hadn't been turned on so that was a little hard. But at least it was only a day! This house is a lot nicer than our last one and I finally have a desk to study on in the morning! I love my desk.

This week we did a lot of finding and teaching recent-converts. B is doing really well and so is Karen! It was really cool to confirm her yesterday. I was super nervous to perform the ordinance, but it went well and the Spirit was strong! Her family still isn't very supportive of her decision, but she is working on changing their hearts and we will hopefully be able to even work with some of them this week! We gave her a pamphlet to fill out her family history with a tree and biographies. She loves family history already haha! And guess what? Elder Vieira is going to do her father's temple work when he returns home in December! Karen is super excited to one day get sealed to her dad.

Like I said, a lot of finding this week. The members haven't been too good to us as far as references, so it was a little difficult. But holy cow, the Lord really does guide by the Spirit. Multiple times this week we would be walking down a street and would knock on the perfect door with someone who would listen to us and accept the invitation to read the Book of Mormon.

All of the missionaries in the house are doing the memorizing a scripture a week challenge from GC! You guys should do it too if you are't already :)

It's been a fairly "normal" week other than that! We lost water a couple times, it still hasn't rained since I got here, and it's hot as ever. It was Elder Lima's birthday (another missionary in our house) yesterday and that was fun to celebrate a little last night with our Branch President! Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures this week, but I will try to take some for next week!

Thank you for the prayers and support. I love you guys!!

Elder Searle

weekly steps: 119186

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