Monday, September 21, 2015

First Baptism

Dearest Peoples,
I have some super exciting news!! Helberth (he goes by B) was baptized Saturday night!!! It was an amazing experience. B is so awesome. He had been going to church/activities for a while before we taught him, and he just absorbed the Gospel like a sponge! Every day this past week I would mark a page in the Book of Mormon for him to read and the next day he would have it all marked up! And he already has a desire to serve a mission. He has so much potential. He also turned 12 this week so he will get to pass the sacrament next Sunday! He isn't growing up in the best of circumstances, but it's amazing that he is already an example for his family.

Right now we are focusing on Jaime, who has potential to be baptized in a few weeks. We are going to try and strengthen his testimony in the Book of Mormon/the Church this week because currently he's attending our church as well as a different one. He is so amazing though! When we taught him the Word of Wisdom he willingly gave up coffee and is now reaping the blessing for it.

It's a little hard finding right now because the area hasn't been divided yet and the Zone Leaders who live with us are picking up all the references from members. The Lord is for sure blessing us though! There's a lot of hard things to deal with day-to-day, but the happy moments carry me. My Português is getting better, but still has a long ways to go. The most important language is the Spirit though. I keep learning that every day.

Other than that, Elder Vieira and I have been running in the mornings, which has been nice. We will probably have a new house this week!! I'm super excited for General Conference here soon! And I'll have my first Zone Conference this week so that should be good.

Have a great week everyone!!
Elder Searle
Weekly steps: 121039

Elder Silfies and Elder Searle

Elder Cope, Elder Searle and Elder Ostergaard

B, Elder Searle and Elder Vieira

Elder Searle and B

Elder Vieira, B and Elder Searle

I think this picture was to show me they really are eating.  I asked him if he had lost weight as he looked so skinny in his last pictures. :)
He didn't give me any description, so I assume this is somewhere in the area he is working in.

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