Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Elder Jeffrey Searle's letter week 5!

Dear Family,

I'm going to be in BH in less than a week! Ahh I'm so excited!! It feels so surreal.

This week has been a very spiritual one for me. The General Authority last week (still don't know how to spell his name) talked about "Começar com o fim in mente," meaning to begin with the end in mind. It's made me think about the missionary and person I want to be in 6 months, a year from now, and in 2 years.

We had a devotional last night too! A senior couple, who literally got here a week ago to be doctors at the CTM, spoke to us. Elder Sharp's talk was moving! He spent 30 years as a pediatric surgeon and has operated on over 30,000 children. His insights on the Resurrection and our potential were inspiring. One of the children he operated on, whose name was Toby, was born without arms or legs. How cool is it that he too will one day be resurrected with a perfect body?

We had a good week of teaching too. We wrapped up the commandments with both of our "investigators" and will teach lesson 5 the rest of this week. When we were teaching Pamela about the Law of Tithing it was really cool because I was able to explain to her that God doesn't need our tithes- we need that law, so that God can bless us more abundantly. Both of our investigators are doing great though! And it's been a great experience to share the gospel with them. My favorite things to teach about are definitely the Atonement, the First Vision, and the eternal nature of families.

Alright so something that's been amusing here is the fact that a lot of missionaries have pretty sweet last names. In the CTM right now, we have an Elder Ensign, Elder Espírito Santo (which literally translates to Holy Ghost), Elder Elder (I know, right?), and an instructor whose last name is Liahona. Crazy!

This last Sunday was pretty interesting because of the renovations they are doing on the ceiling. The ceiling between 3 different sacrament meetings was open so that you could here the other meeting very clearly. So when one room was singing a hymn, everyone could hear. It was still a wonderful meeting though! This next Sunday we will all just have to sing the same hymns at the same time.

My time in the CTM has been very enjoyable! I'm very thankful for Elder Silfies and my teachers who have helped me a ton. More important than learning Português (which I still have a loooong way to go with), I have learned how to feel and teach by the Spirit. Heavenly Father has for sure been in the details of my time here.

We went to the São Paulo Temple again this morning! It was wonderful and I'm really going to miss going to the temple these 2 years.

Just an fyi, my Pdays will now probably be on Mondays, and I fly out on Tuesday so it will be over a week until you hear from me. And by that time I'm sure I'll have exciting news about my area and my trainer!(: So excited!!

Thanks for keeping me up to date on everything! Best of luck to Jarod with starting school, and way to go with working for a few weeks! I hope training goes well for you this week Dad and that the Triathlon on Saturday goes really well! It sounds like Brittany, Chase, and Dad all had awesome talks in church, great job! Enjoy life this week.

Elder Searle

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