Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hello all!

Sorry I couldn't email yesterday- everywhere was closed for the holiday here! But thankfully today we are allowed to email.

This week went so, so fast! It was a really good week. We were helped so much by the Lord. He led us to many who are prepared for the gospel. I only have a short time so I will focus on the people we're teaching.

A man named Wellington came to the english class this last week and afterwards I sat him down and we talked about the church! This week we began teaching him and his wife Bruna. They are a young couple and are really teachable. They are so amazing! They are reading and praying and even made the sacrifice to come to church when they were planning to leave town. Keep them in your prayers for me please!

We also found another family this week! We found Rimunda, Rangel, Lucas and Narão from a reference that some lady in a store gave us! They also made it to church! I feel so blessed to have people to teach.

The members here are amazing. We were able to use a VW van to pick up our investigators and bring them to church! I will send a picture of it. We fit 10 people in there haha!

This week I ate chicken heart and the best popsicle on earth. It was corn flavored, which sounds like it wouldn't taste good, but it did haha!

Thank you for the prayers and support! I hope this week is good for everyone.

Elder Searle

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