Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 4

Dear Family,

This week really seemed to fly by! It was very eventful and enjoyable.

It's so nice to have Elder Ostergaard and Elder Cope here. They have essentially the same schedule as our district, so we get to do a lot together. This week it's been raining during our physical activity so we had to play ping-pong inside. But usually we all play volleyball together, which is fun! It's also nice to be the older district here and be able to help out newer ones.

Last Friday we went proselyting for real!! It was the most wonderful experience I've had so far here. We took public transport to the center of São Paulo where there's tons of people doing all sorts of things. When we arrived, we walked down a wide walkway and I was so overcome by the Spirit. There were big buildings on our sides and a band playing some sort of Brazillian jazz down the way. As we walked towards the music, the tunes grew louder and louder and I felt the Spirit stronger and stronger. I kept having the thoughts "I'm in Brazil!" And "I'm a missionary!" What a wonderful realization. I love this country already.

The actual Proselyting was just as incredible! We each had 3 BoMs to work with (they had local missionary contact info in them). The first lady I sat down to talk with wasn't the least bit interested. I kind of expected that to be the case with most people, but I was wrong! The next 3 people I said a word to gladly accepted the Book and seemed excited to read! After that woman, Elder Silfies and I walked a bit until two young men made eye contact with us and we went for it! I sat between them and starting talking to one and Elder Silfies took the other. I read Moroni's promise with him and committed him to read!

The experience I had with the next man was pretty similar. The last Book of Mormon was given to a man named Felipe. It was such a cool experience talking with him! When I saw him sitting from a ways off, it looked like he was praying and felt like I needed to talk to him. Turns out he was just on his phone, but he was for sure the one I was supposed to talk to! He had never heared of the church before. And he seemed very appreciative that we would talk to him and give him that Book! I promised him that the Lord would bless him for reading and that he could know the book is true if he prays with real intent, faith, and sincerity.

Sadly, we only get to go proselyting that one time in the CTM.

I know the odds are against me that those people actually read and prayed, but how cool is it that they were even receptive enough to hear our message? The Lord has definitely been preparing the people of Brazil for His gospel. And I can't wait to teach His gospel to the people in Belo every day!

The rest of the week was good too! Our investigators are doing very well. This week we have been talking with them mostly about commandments. It has been good for me to learn to teach those lessons because they have a totally different vocabulary than the ones prior.

We went to the São Paulo Temple this morning and it was a really special experience. It's sad to think that next week is my last time in a Temple for 2 years.

Part of me wishes they would just throw me into the field right now. I know the next 2 weeks her will be productive though. Tomorrow morning a General Authority is speaking here! His last name is like Moseligarge, but I can't remember his title. I'm excited to hear from him!

This Sunday we watched a devotional talk where Elder Holland spoke. It was from 2 years ago when there was the huge surge of missionaries. It was really powerful! He talked about how everything we desperately want our investigators to do is exactly what God want us to do. It's so true!I want the people I teach to be more converted, repent, change, become better- and that's exactly what Heavenly Father is wanting me to do! He said, "we are God's investigators." It was pretty inspiring for me!

I love you guys! Thanks for all the support and encouragement.

Elder Searle

Weekly steps: 51653
Weekly bites: 5

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