Wednesday, July 29, 2015

He made it!

Hello Americanos!
They are letting us send quick emails home to let you know that we´re alive! I made it safely to the MTC a little while ago.
The first flight was pretty uneventful. I sat in the very back seat. My flight from Detroit to Sao Paulo was good! I tried Guaranara, a Brazillian soda. It´s very good! It tastes like fruity ginger ale. The plane was huge. There were two isles down the thing and I got to sit in a window seat. I sat next to a lady from Brazil who didn´t speak English very well, but we were able to communicate a little bit. I wanted to somehow ask her about religion so I pulled out my Portuguese Book of Mormon from my carry-on and pointed to the picture of Christ in the front. She recognized Him and told me her mother was Catholic, but she hadn´t gone to church since she was little. I told her she could read it if she wanted and gestured it towards her. She read the introduction and flipped through it. I wish I knew enough Portugues to explain why that book is so important! Also, she was very concerned about me wearing my seatbelt and told me "very important always seatbelt."
The city of Sao Paulo is huge! I would send a picture I took on the plane, but we are not allowed to upload pictures on the computer I´m using now. Also, I´m only allowed to take pictures on Pday so sorry mom, but I will not be able to take a ton of pictures in the MTC. We flew right by my mission, but I was on the wrong side of the plane to see it.
I hope things are going well back home! I will email again on Pday (which from what I´ve gathered is Monday).
Elder Searle

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